Monday is Mani’s Day

When I think upon the Norse God Mani, I always smile, for I find Him to be a gentle and quietly joyful God.


Mani, the silver-gleaming,
God of the waxing and waning Moon

The image here is adapted from a piece by Grace Palmer:

Accompanying the image is text I use for an invocation to Mani in my own devotional practice that I sing to Him upon every full moon.


SPEAK UP | Stand For Polytheism

I’m sharing a link to Krasskova’s latest post, which highlights some other voices in dissension (myself included) of the claim that polytheists are fascists. But even more important, is Krasskova’s call for all of us to speak up:

We need every voice in this. Even if you are scared or dread the backlash, that is all the more reason to speak up. I will fight for you and for our traditions till my dying breath but it takes more than a handful of voices to make a difference in the face of such perniciously foul rhetoric. Make your voices heard too. It’s your traditions under attack, after all.


You can read the post in its entirety yourself here:

Further Updates on How We’re All Fascists –


Apparently Polytheists are Now Fascists…

Well, apparently some yahoos are calling me a fascist, because I am a stickler for the dictionary definition of polytheism – a person who believes in Many Gods as uniquely real and not symbolic archetypes, and because I don’t feel that those who do not believe such have any right to try to define our religious traditions.

This is becoming all too common a refrain. Words have meanings, and words have power.


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The Goddess Hel’s Pond in Berlin

In 2011, I had the immense pleasure and privilege of being able to spend two weeks in Germany and Denmark on vacation. While parts of the trip were solely for my own personal amusement, I also made it a point where I could to meet up both with local heathens and to venture to holy sites, depictions of deities and artifacts. One of the very first things I made sure to do when I reached the city of Berlin, was to go pay my respects to a site sacred to the Goddess Hel (or Hella), nestled among the modern and very lushly green city today.

Hel's Pond in Berlin, Germany

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Idunna – The Gods’ Lady

In the lore, we know that when the Goddess Idunna is absent, the health and vigor of the Gods falter. She is the rejuvenator of the Gods, in both the etymology of Her name as well as in her function. She is known within Haustlong as the God’s Lady, and indeed this is because she tends to all of the Gods and Goddeses.


The sheet music for this invocation can be found inside Skalded Apples: A Devotional Anthology to Idunna and Bragi, as well as an accompanying invocation to Her love, Bragi.

Choose your words wisely, for they may grow up and change the world. On the marginalization of our religious traditions by Halstead and the dangers therein.

Ossia Sylva mentioned something in a recent post prompted by the insidious influence of John Halstead writer at Patheos, and now Gods and Radicals who isn’t a pagan, or a polytheist but insists he is, in flagrant denial of the definitions of those words in dictionaries.


To me, Halstead is doing the equivalent of walking into a Catholic church and saying, “Okay, so I’m here. I want to be a Catholic, and I want you to call me a Catholic. But since I personally believe that Jesus Christ, God, the Holy Spirit, and the saints are archetypes, I want you to change the liturgy to reflect this ontology, and I want the theists to be totally on-board with this. Oh, and remember to call me a Catholic, because I am a Catholic.” -Ossia Sylva

Not only is this a brilliant analogy, it also can be taken a step further.

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