The Goddesses and Ragnarok

I was ruminating over the subject of Ragnarok recently. In the various bits of lore that talk about Ragnarok, while we have a great deal of detail about what male forces and male gods are doing, there’s hardly more than a peep about what the females/Goddesses are supposed to be up to.


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Plough Monday

In England, there is a folk tradition known as Plough Monday (which is the first Monday after the end of the Yuletide and traditionally also after January 6) that encompassed the ceremonial act of ploughing the first furrows in the fields. While the earliest written depictions of this tradition come from post conversion (1400s CE), it is in all likelihood a surviving remnant of the pagan past. While Christianity would have altered the customs, the surviving folk traditions still practiced today appear to be based on the pagan observances we tend to celebrate with the Heathen Holy Tide for the Charming of the Plough.


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The Havamal ~ Offerings to the Gods, Goddesses, Ancestors and Vaettir

For most followers of the Northern Tradition upon learning about this path they read the myths about the Gods, and many tend to also study the Havamal. The Havamal is one of many sagas found in the Poetic Edda, and many of the stanzas are known as being a depository of advice as it applies to wanderers and guests when they travel abroad; it talks about what is proper behavior beyond one’s own homestead, and cautions the traveler to be wary so that he might eventually return to home having suffered no mischief or misfortune.


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Exploring Our Gods and Goddesses – Nerthus, a prayer & prayer card

I sponsored the creation of this prayer card by Grace Palmer for the Goddess Nerthus, and I’m thrilled that it is now available for Pre-Order  –

NERTHUS - by Grace Palmer

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