Sigdrifa’s Prayer Bookmarks

In honor of Memorial Day weekend, and in appreciation to those that serve in the armed forces, I am offering once again free Sigdrifa’s Prayer bookmarks. The Prayer is a rare remnant in our lore, as it’s the only non-Christianized, complete prayer that we have from the historical sources. In it’s short simplicity, the prayer found in the Sigdrifumal is a microcosm of the vast macrocosm of Heathen cosmology.


  • Pagan, Polytheist or Heathen (Asatru, Northern Tradition, etc.)
  • Be a veteran or active duty member of the US military (any branch)
  • Have a US mailing address (military APO/FPO addresses count)

To request follow the link.


Exploring Our Gods & Goddesses: Sinthgunt [Revised & Expanded]

Our only (specific) surviving reference to the Goddess Sinthgunt comes from the Old High German Second Merseburg Incantation (also known as the “Horse Cure Charm”), which dates to around the 9th or 10th Century. The Merseburg charms are the only examples of pre-Christian Germanic belief recorded in the Germanic language.

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The Importance of the Religious Processional within the Northern Tradition

All too often among modern worshippers of the ancient gods of Germania and Scandinavia, they focus on rites like blot (or the modern alternative faining), and traditions like sumble. But they tend to ignore other religious ritual customs we have ample evidence of in both historic textual accounts and archaeologic artifacts, especially including the religious processionals of yesteryear.

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Free Bookmarks for Pagan & Polytheist US Veterans and Active Duty Military

In honor of Veteran’s Day, I am giving away for free Sigdrifa’s Prayer Bookmarks to any US veteran or active duty pagan or polytheist (though you must have a US address, military APO/FPO addresses count), while this year’s supplies last. I also have the bookmarks for sale, the proceeds are used to help me make the bookmarks available for free to the veterans. I’ve been doing this since 2010!

Sigdrifa’s Prayer is a rare remnant and surviving prayer for those within the Northern Tradition umbrella, found within the Sigdrifumal. A microcosm of the macrocosm of our cosmology. For all the details, including learning about the prayer itself, how to request for those who qualify, or to purchase one to support my effort (entering it’s 11th year), jump to the link:

Coins for Hermes

I love seeing devotional things created in honor of the gods. Dver not only created devotinal coins for Hermes available for sae in their shop, but he’s also planning to give some away for free to anyone who would genuinely use it in their devotions, but might be unable to afford it. More details at Dver’s blog entry.

A Forest Door

Today is the 4th of the lunar month, and the date of a festival for Hermes that I’ve been keeping for many years, and so it’s the right time to announce a secret project I’ve recently completed.

Hermes has been particularly good to me this year. He has seen me through some precarious situations and kept luck flowing my way. When thinking on how I could express my gratitude (in addition to quite a bit of liquor that has soaked the ground in His name), I decided a couple months ago to finally embark on a public project I’ve wanted to do for awhile – to design and commission a coin in His honor. Obviously as god of merchants (and thieves), coins are particularly sacred to Hermes.

For the obverse, I adapted an image from a 6th century BCE krater, showing Hermes Psychopompos overseeing Hypnos and Thanatos on the battlefield…

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An Invocation to the Norse God Odin

Unlike some other traditions, those of us within the Northern Tradition have a scant sampling of prayer that has survived to us from antiquity. Primarily Sigdrifa’s Prayer, and occasionally a snippet of an epithet. This no doubt is the reason why I have long seen within Heathenry that newcomers yearn for examples that they can be inspired by or use within their own religious practice. Newcomers, and sometimes even those who may have been within this sphere of influence for some time, forget or don’t know that even in antiquity offerings could be quite personal and beyond the mere scope of physical goods. Words were deeply valued.

Odin is a god of many things, and here is an invocation I’ve created and I sing in devotion to him.

Ancient God of Wisdom,
Of Magic, and the Dead,
Of Warriors and Poets too,
All-Father we hail!

-Wyrd Dottir


Prompted by recent discussions, I was inspired to draft this in honor of Weyland.


Archer’s Companion,

Elfin Prince,

Lord from the waters.

Your breath steams.
Heart hammering
Cinders banked in coals.

Toiling in bondage.




and maimed.

Bellows from the deep.


Patterned to cunning.
Your honed,

Sharpened mind

Wields designs of bite.


Your wrath is like

a billowing wave.

Destroyer of Fetters,

Fly to your freedom.

Armer of Heroes

Shield of the People

Luck and Wealth

To the community.

Hail Weyland,

He who overcomes.

Weyland artwork by Grace Palmer, part of the Prayer Card Project.

A Mother’s Night Prayer

Tonight as the sun sets begins the Yuletide for me with Mother’s Night.

To friends near and far, may you have a joyous Yuletide blessed with the laughter or friends and family (even if socially distanced). May the Gods and our ancestors continue to bestow their blessings upon us, and strengthen our luck for the days that lie ahead.

For those with difficulty reading the graphic…

Let us honor our Mothers, who through joy and suffering endured so that their children, and their children’s children might not just survive but thrive.

I call to our mothers, the light and the life bringers who have guided us from darkness onto the paths our ancestors have traveled, and now the paths we walk down.

All-mother Frigga I hail thee, and I thank thee. For the immeasurable blessings, your guidance and your wisdom. You see all things, even if I may not know them. May your counsel follow me into the year ahead and be the compass from which I navigate.

May the blessings of the Disir be upon you all.

Wyrd Dottir, Mother’s Night Prayer