Apparently Polytheists are Now Fascists…

Well, apparently some yahoos are calling me a fascist, because I am a stickler for the dictionary definition of polytheism – a person who believes in Many Gods as uniquely real and not symbolic archetypes, and because I don’t feel that those who do not believe such have any right to try to define our religious traditions.

This is becoming all too common a refrain. Words have meanings, and words have power.


Here’s a definition of fascism straight out of the dictionary:

a governmental system led by a dictator having complete power, forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism, regimenting all industry, commerce, etc., and emphasizing an aggressive nationalism and often racism.

Mmm, let’s see neither myself or fellow polytheists are talking about commerce, or nationalism, we’re not countries afterall. Nor are we governments. There is no dictator among our ranks. So dear yahoos, your use of the word is full of fail. To the yahoos, please do the world a favor and actually invest in a dictionary, and more importantly use it.


As to suppressing criticism or opposition, nope. Where’s our standing army or police state? Oh thats right, we don’t have one.

And don’t ever even attempt to associate me with racism when I’ve been publicly commenting and fighting for years that racism doesn’t belong in our polytheistic traditions, the only prerequisite is respect to those ancient Gods.

But because we just refuse to allow those outside our religious tradition to define our practices for us, we are now fascists, and dictators.

Let’s look at the field of medicine for a moment.

We do not allow novices to practice medicine without training and adhering to a base set of standards.

Someone who shows up with a lab coat and no training isn’t a doctor. We expect and demand there is a tradition and practice in place to train doctors, and others in the medical field as our experts and leaders.

We also want to encourage a base understanding, which is why health class and biology is part of our school curriculum. But the average, unmedically trained person isn’t a doctor, and we don’t want the average, unmedically trained person to be telling a surgeon how to perform brain surgery on us.

Do we call this standard fascist? Of course not.

In such a way we refuse to have those who do not have the expertise, the respect of our field of knowledge to try to tell us what to do.

I’m sorry if it offends you that you can’t be the special one dictating to us our practice. While you keep trying to dictate to us, I’m going to go over here and you know, actually honor my Gods.


11 thoughts on “Apparently Polytheists are Now Fascists…

      1. Struggles such as these were what early Christians had to deal with as they practiced their faith in a place and culture where nobody supported them, and their beliefs were painted as laughably illogical (especially when it came to explaining the Trinity as NOT polytheistic and why rituals recreating the Last Supper + transubstantiation was NOT cannibalism). I think every faith, too, has had these really difficult starts and continues, half because the questions are necessary to ask, and half because sometimes the people who ask them are trolls and no one really wants to understand, only to smite and control.

        And, granted, religion is so, so complex – especially now when many people can’t think of worshipping a Being as based in logic and reason. (I’m always thinking of Kant’s Religion within the Limits of Reason Alone).

        The important thing is that we all stick together and support each other; that we all do the right thing, cleanly and faithfully; that we continue to do our work for our gods and our community in the ways we personally do; and that we write the truth when we see conversations and articles like these, that are truly outrageous.

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    1. ganglerisgrove

      i think better we drown them out with reasoned responses #notmypolytheism and with our own posts about exactly what polytheism IS.


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