A late in life transplant to Texas, Wyrd Dottir attended the University of Texas at Arlington to earn her M.A. in Humanities as well as to conduct oral history interviews for a lasting archive at her alma mater. After her graduate studies, she transitioned into the business sector where she grew into a thriving marketing career in the entertainment industry, working on multi-million dollar properties in TV & Film.  She is both an avid bibliophile and enthusiastic photographer, and when she’s not busy elsewhere she enjoys her share of pop culture geek.

Wyrd Designs - The Blue Leaf Valknut Symbol
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Drawing on decades of experience as both a gythia of Urdabrunnr Kindred and an active member of her local community, her combination of academic research and personal exploration provides interesting insights into modern day Heathenry. Wyrd Dottir has contributed content to several devotionals, has been a columnist for interfaith website Patheos, has contributed to Witches & Pagans Magazine, been a guest on Wyrd Ways Radio, and even has a song on iTunes about the Norse Goddesses featuring a new musical arrangement by Jenn Roth Jones (formerly Jenn Mayes) and performed by Jones’ pagan ensemble group: Bell, Book and Canto.  As a staunch polytheist, she delights in bringing attention to seldom spoken of Gods and Goddesses in the Northern Tradition.

When a hate group moved into her home town, she joined with others to protest the group’s genocidal wishes for the witch, pagan and polytheist community, as well as the hate group’s desire for a holocaust of LGBTQ+ globally. Because in the Northern Tradition cosmology these are the races that exist: the Giants, the Gods (Aesir, Vanir), the Dwarves, the Disir, the Alfar, other vaettir of land and sea, and the human race. Humanity was created through the actions of the Gods Odin, Ville and Ve. Therefore all humans owe their existence to those three gods. So whether an individual or any other cultural or religious group believes that or not, if someone believes and worships Odin then to her mind you should believe he is the All-Father of humanity, not the Father of only some.


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