Ukraine, Snake Island, and the tie to Hellenic Polytheism

Today on Facebook I came across a post by Hellenic polytheist Мария Новосильцева reminding us of the history that ties to the polytheistic tradition of Snake Island, where 13 Ukrainian soldiers had one final defiant exchange with the invading Russian forces.

Snake Island
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Long May Our Gods Be Hailed!

I saw this over on my Facebook feed today. 

And for anyone having difficulty reading the image the text is quoted below:

The Theodosian Code 16.10.11 tells us that on this day, February 24, in the year 391 CE, Roman Emperor Theodosius I decreed the closing of the temples and shrines. In the next few years there were further erosions to religious practice including the destruction of those holy sites, and the punishment of those polytheists who tried to worship their Gods.

Over 1600 years later and the Gods and Goddesses are still worshipped, new temples and shrines are being erected.

So on this day, let us post pictures of the new temples and shrines, post pictures of your altars to the Gods and Goddesses. Greet the Gods by name, lay offerings out to them, give them your prayers. Long may the Gods be hailed!

Galina Krasskova

While the decree by Emperor Theodosius I obviously had a huge impact on ancient Roman polytheism, these restrictions also impacted other traditional polytheisms as well within the width and breadth of the Empire.

So yes, I think it’s a great idea to post my current altar in testament that the Gods are still hailed. In that spirit here is Weyland, Gerd, Freya, Eir, Hlin, Nott, Odin, Heimdall, Nerthus, Thor, Frigga & Baldr.

A Doctrine of Hate – Stephen Anderson, Stedfast Baptist Church and the New Independent Fundamental Baptist Movement

Hate in the guise of Stedfast Baptist Church moved into my hometown, and since last year the #NoHateInHurst community rallied to take a stand against it. After 8 months of protests, the cult was evicted. Now they have moved to Watagua, Texas. With it we have changed our name to #NoHateInTexas To help whatever community that may find themselves infested by them in the future, I thought to make my research concerning the history of Stedfast, how it connects to Stephen Anderson the founder of the New Independent Fundamental Baptist Movement publicly available. If you’re reading this because they moved into your community, we are so, so sorry.

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Hate Cult’s Appeal Denied

About 8 months ago my home town had a rude awakening, during the pandemic Stedfast Baptist Church, a cult and identified hate group by both the Anti-Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center, had moved in.

So what was so egregious in their preaching?

  • rebellious children should be stoned to death  
  • lazy gamers should be killed
  • all LGBTQ persons should commit suicide or be executed; all LGBTQ persons are pedophiles; this church also has a history of celebrating the Pulse Nightclub Mass Shooting, praising the actions of the mass murdering gunman, and praying for the death of the victims who were in ICU fighting for their lives
  • witches should be slaughtered (and they like to use the label for any ‘uppity’ woman too)
  • anti-Semitic
  • book & Bible burning (Pastor Shelley made a special trip to host some libricide)
  • and so much more

My community was galvanized into action.

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The Importance of the Religious Processional within the Northern Tradition

All too often among modern worshippers of the ancient gods of Germania and Scandinavia, they focus on rites like blot (or the modern alternative faining), and traditions like sumble. But they tend to ignore other religious ritual customs we have ample evidence of in both historic textual accounts and archaeologic artifacts, especially including the religious processionals of yesteryear.

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