Exploring Our Gods & Goddesses: Sinthgunt [Revised & Expanded]

Our only (specific) surviving reference to the Goddess Sinthgunt comes from the Old High German Second Merseburg Incantation (also known as the “Horse Cure Charm”), which dates to around the 9th or 10th Century. The Merseburg charms are the only examples of pre-Christian Germanic belief recorded in the Germanic language.

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Interview with Ukrainian Freya’s woman Tove Freyjudottir — Part 1

Freya devotee and Northern Tradition polytheist Tove, was born into Soviet Ukraine. She fled with her immediate family to the United States. Today she still has family in Ukraine. This is the first of a series of interviews, from someone with a unique perspective and insight into current events. In this one she talks about what it was like for her and her family to live under Soviet control.

Gangleri's Grove

This is the first part of a multi-part interview with Gyðja-in-training Tove Freyjudottir. Over the next few weeks, she will be sharing her thoughts and experiences watching her home city of Kharkiv, where she still has immediate family, being bombed.

This interview will be broken up into several parts, since it turned out to be quite long. I plan on posting a new installment every week or so until the interview is complete. For those who may have questions for Tove, or want to reach out she kindly gave me permission to share her email: elise33 at gmail.com. You may also follow her website here.

Firstly, I’d like to thank you, Tove for taking the time to answer my questions, especially at such a difficult time. I want to start by giving a little of your background for my readers. Tove is a long-time Heathen devoted to Freyja, and…

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When Slavic Folk Custom, the Goddess Morana, and Current Events Collide

Morana is a Slavic Goddess. found within the region of cultural impact from the Slavic pagans. Their territory was found in areas roughly found between the Adriatic, Baltic and Black Seas. But the old folk traditions and stories have seemed to survive the best in the territories once belonging to the Eastern areas of Europe, such as: Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, etc.

Map of Europe showing the Slavic Territory in the 7th – 9th Centuries
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Helm of Awe Observed In BBC News Story

BBC News recently posted a story: Ukraine war: Belarusian dissidents fight against Russia in Ukraine. It spotlights Pavel Kulazhanka, who is a Belarusian dissident living in exile in New York. Now with other Belarusian dissidents, he is leaving to join the defense of Ukraine against the invading Russian forces.

screenshot from BBC news story, Camera Work by Francesco Tosto

I noticed he’s wearing a Ægishjálmr, (Helm of Awe / Helm of Terror) patch.

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🐣 Ostara: The Goddess & The High Holy Tide 🐣

No matter what is going on in the world Spring comes every year. ❤

Wyrd Designs

For those of us in the Northern Tradition (which encompasses the peoples with a common worship to Odin), the high holy tide of Ostara/Eostre is upon us. Some are gearing up to celebrate during the astronomical spring equinox (which varies slightly but always occurs between March 19-21), some may wait for the signs of spring in their local area, and others may postpone their celebrations so that they coincide more with the observed Christian date of Easter instead, which for 2019 occurs on April 21th. The later allows heathen children to be able to participate in more mainstream activities such as egg hunts with their peers at school and at community parks.

Ostara-nichol_skaggs Ostara by Nichol Skaggs (nicholskaggs.com)

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Wild Hunt – Covers Stedfast Update

The Wild Hunt posted an update on the efforts of myself and others in the community group, No Hate In Hurst, in our efforts to combat a hate cult. An excerpt of the media mentions follows:

Last month, the SBC was served with an eviction notice for violating the tenets of their lease by using violent language that included encouraging suicide and physical harm. The posted notice required SBC to be moved out by noon on March 3, and it appears the organization complied with the order. Pastor Jonathan Shelley denied the charges but a video posted to YouTube that incorporated footage from his hearing as well as footage from some of his many sermons contradicts the pastor’s denial.

The Wild Hunt

Read the article in TWH’s Pagan Community Notes: Week of March 14, 2022

Veteran Heading to Ukraine to Fight – Donate If You Can

As Ukrainians rally in defiant resistance against the invading Russian forces, the rest of the world is also coming together to help. Including a number of foreigners heading to the country to join Ukraine’s foreign legion to fight. Around 20,000 fighters so far, with more coming.

Some of you may be familiar with Canadian based Heathen and Goði Austin Lawrence (aka Auz) of Raven’s Knoll campground, he is a member of both the American Vinland Association and The Troth. He also runs the HeathenHearth YouTube channel that explores foodways that are inspired by the historic and ethnographic imagination.

Austin posted a fundraiser to Facebook because his daughter Kadri Lawrence‘s partner Dani Kay (a Canadian combat veteran and inclusive Heathen) is soon en route to Ukraine to join their Foreign Legion.

I wanted to leave this well enough alone but things have reached a point I cannot ignore and with the skills, teachings and experience I have as well as being of Slavic descent I feel I have a duty and responsibility to do everything I can. Arrangements have been made so that I may do this.

Dani Kay

The family is asking for financial assistance to offset costs for travel, and to help them purchase and bring some of the needed gear. Since the foreign legion is volunteer, that means those joining up are responsible for all associated costs of getting to (and eventually from) Ukraine. The Ukrainian Government while providing gear to the volunteers, is also encouraging their newest recruits to show up with whatever gear they can.

GoFundMe per their terms of service won’t allow for fundraising for men or women intending to go fight. Austin who had set up a fundraiser to do just that, ended up getting his account deleted. So if you’d like to help offset the costs for Dani who is heading to Ukraine to fight, here’s how you can help to make it happen. Whether you can give $5 or $500, every little bit helps and is deeply appreciated.


For those in Canada, you can send etransfers (EMT) to kadri.lawrence@gmail.com. Please just contact Kadri and let her know the password for the transaction.

For those outside of Canada, donations can be made via PayPal sent to ravensknoll@rogers.com. This is the PayPal account for Kadri’s parents (as neither Kadri or Dani have a Paypal account). Kadri’s parents will make sure the money gets to Dani. Please indicate it is a GIFT so the fee is not taken off as it is a business account.

Donation Update Day 2 [March 12, 2022]: $5158. I…I don’t have words. We are so grateful for the support. This will be instrumental in helping Dani be as prepared as possible in Ukraine, to do as much good as possible, and to come home safe. Any unused funds will go to organizations on the ground helping refugees and those in need. You are all amazing. BRB while I go have a wee cry. ❤

Kadri Lawrence

Slava Ukraini!

Welcome to Free Ukraine
by Stanislav Lunin on Artstation
Welcome to Free Ukraine, art by Stanislav Lunin on Artstation

For my Ukraine

Polytheist and Freya’s devotee Tove talks about her Ukraine.

Freyja's Frenzy

Kupala Night by Andrey Shishkin

The rivers and the forests of Ukraine flow through me, what happens to it happens to me. I shall lie on its soil as it will embrace and engulf me. I shall rest there as one would in their home. I am Ukraine and Ukraine is me. But even as Ukraine cries and struggles, the land is mighty and it knows itself. Its Spirits and Deities are ancient and large, and lie deep in the soil below the surface. The things that happen on the surface may wake up the anger of its Gods, but they cannot harm them. We carry Ukraine in our hearts, it is not contained in buildings of wood and stone.

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Russia Commits War Crimes By Targeting Civilians

At this point you’d have to be living off grid or under a rock not to have knowledge of the Russian invasion of Ukraine by the megalomanic Putin. (Fuck him and all those that enabled him into prominence and keep him in power). I am furious and heart broken in equal measure. I think many of us, especially those of us who learned empathy for our fellow human beings are feeling something similar.

Russian attack on Chernihiv, Ukraine in a residential area
Source: Northern Territorial Defense Forces, shared by Kyiv Independent

There can be no doubt: Putin’s War Targets Civilians with Cluster Bombs, Thermobaric Weapons & Nuclear Terror. Time and time again Russian forces are attacking civilian areas bereft of any government or military infrastructure.

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