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I’m sharing a link to Krasskova’s latest post, which highlights some other voices in dissension (myself included) of the claim that polytheists are fascists. But even more important, is Krasskova’s call for all of us to speak up:

We need every voice in this. Even if you are scared or dread the backlash, that is all the more reason to speak up. I will fight for you and for our traditions till my dying breath but it takes more than a handful of voices to make a difference in the face of such perniciously foul rhetoric. Make your voices heard too. It’s your traditions under attack, after all.


You can read the post in its entirety yourself here:

Further Updates on How We’re All Fascists – http://wp.me/p59Y9v-Q3



2 thoughts on “SPEAK UP | Stand For Polytheism

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  2. Yes. Agreed. I’m coming out of my cocoon of a few years standing, to speak up. I can’t remotely see how polytheists are fascists. Almost entirely, they/we are the antithesis of fascism. — Jehana Silverwing.


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