Free Sigdrifa’s Prayer Bookmarks


Sigdrifa’s Prayer is a rare remnant in our lore, as it’s the only non-Christianized, complete prayer* that we have from the historical sources. In it’s short simplicity, the prayer found in the Sigdrifumal is a microcosm of the vast macrocosm of Northern Tradition cosmology. It holds a very special place in my heart.


Hail to the Day
Hail His Sons
Hail Night and Her Daughter!
Gaze on us
with loving eyes
and bring us victory.
Hail to the Gods
and the Goddesses
Hail, the generous Earth!
Grant us wisdom
and eloquent speech
and healing all our lives.

What many do not realize is that Day (or rather in the Old Norse Dagr) is a personification of the Day, and is the son of Nott, i.e. Night. And that they are separate and distinct from Sunna and Mani (the Goddess of the Sun, and the God of the Moon).

These few lines… is enough fodder for a short book – Sigdrifa’s Prayer: An Explanation & Exegesis, by fellow blogger Galina Krasskova.  Whether you are of the Northern Tradition, or just practice some other form of paganism the book is definitely recommended.

I have created bookmarks featuring this prayer, and would now like to make them available for free (yes, I’ll cover shipping costs as well) to any veteran or currently serving pagan or polytheist in the U.S. military.


Sigdrifa’s Prayer Bookmarks
Sigdrifa’s Prayer Bookmarks

The bookmarks themselves are 2 x 6 inches, with a UV glossy coat, featuring a double-sided full color design printed on nice cardstock. One side has the prayer in the original Old Norse, the other side has a modern translation of it.

To Qualify:

  • Be Heathen (Asatru, Northern Tradition, etc.), a polytheist, or pagan.
  • Be a veteran or active duty member of the U.S. Military (any branch).
  • You must have a U.S. mailing address (an APO/FPO or similar address counts).

To Request:

Contact me via email (wyrddesigns at gmail dot com). For privacy concerns, please do NOT make your requests (featuring your name and address) in the comments of this post. When you do contact me please be sure to:

Provide your:

  • Full Name
  • Complete Mailing Address where the bookmark(s) can be sent. If you give me an APO/FPO address, remember that all mail must be addressed to an individual soldier.
  • Email Address or FACEBOOK ID (whichever method you used to contact me so I can notify you once I’ve got the items in the mail, and I can make sure I don’t mix your request up with someone else of a potentially similar name).
  • Optional: merely to assuage my curiosity, tell me what branch your service has been in.


I’m going to assume that I just need to send 1 of the bookmarks along. If you are requesting on behalf of a group, please indicate that clearly in your message to me and the number you’d like to request. I’ve sent a stack of the bookmarks before to some of the Pagan Circles and other groups at various US military bases around the world.

The offer is good while supplies last. 


In my goal to continue to support our service men and women (active duty and veteran), bookmarks are now commercially available for purchase, sold on my behalf by Wyrd Curiosities. Each purchase helps me continue to provide these bookmarks for free to our service men and women. 

When I refer to Sigdrifa’s Prayer as the only complete prayer, it is because the prayer found in Ibn Fadlan is questionable as being representative of Rus beliefs, versus the beliefs of the sacrificed slave who says the prayer.

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