When Hate Gets Evicted

Since June I’ve been participating in a series of regular protests against a hate group & cult Stedfast that had moved into my hometown. They want the genocide of every single LGBTQ person globally, want witches to be executed, rebellious children to be stoned to death, they preach that lazy gamers should be killed, they celebrated the actions of a mass murderer, the leader has held a book burning where the children toasted marshmallows to make s’mores in the flames of bibles being burned while chanting “burn, baby burn.” They are anti-Semitic. They believe women should be silenced. And so much more. I’m constantly finding new hateful rhetoric that they spew.

Our protests were previously covered by the Wild Hunt. Three times a week the group was out there protesting on nearly every Sunday morning, Sunday evening, and Wednesday night service. Sometimes there may have been only a handful of folks, and other times it was close to a hundred people, and a few times the weather was too extreme to safely have people out there. I wasn’t able to make it to every protest, but I did turn up to several of them. Along the way the group began to claim the sidewalk we were taking a stand on as a sidewalk of love. Artists took sidewalk chalk and began rainbow coloring every square of concrete, and then it involved to complex art designs, protest slogans and more. The next day the cult had someone out there power washing it off… so then a group of artists kept going every day to re-apply a new array. Eventually the cult stopped even bothering with power washing the chalk away.

Our attempt to shine light on the darkness that had moved into town has paid off.

Yesterday, October 22, 2021 at the Northeast Tarrant County Courthouse located in Hurst, Texas the cult as a tenant was put on jury trial in an eviction hearing instigated by the landlord on the grounds the cult had become a nuisance to the landlord and other tenants (a mix of businesses, and non profits) in the building. The end result was that the jury came back ruling in favor of the landlord’s right to evict the cult under the terms of the contractual five year leasing agreement.

The cult has a week to vacate, but it sounds like they may appeal the decision and I’m not sure if there’s an active appeal if that will keep them in place for now.

Still it’s progress. We’re thrilled.

Pagan Author, Musician Andrea Haugen murdered in Kongsberg Attack

The news about the attack in Norway has been disheartening, but it struck a bit closer to home for some of us as the names of the victims that died in the Kongsborg Attack have now been released. Among them pagan musician Andrea Haugen who was impactful to the pagan and heathen community at the turn of the millennium.

I remember discovering her music thanks to a review of one of her albums that I came across either at WitchVox or in an issue of one of the BBI Magazines (New Witch, Witches & Pagans Magazine, SageWoman).  I can’t remember which it was now. Her albums released before Myspace, let alone Facebook, or YouTube came along. While she’d eventually have a MySpace page, she never got a huge social media boost for her releases under Hagalaz Runedance the way that probably would have happened had she released her work today. I was excited at the time to find lyrics in English that spoke to my religious cosmology. I feel like groups like Wardruna (formed in 2003) came out of part of what she and other artists like her created in the 1990s.

Hop below to read more info about Andrea at Galina’s blog.

Gangleri's Grove

Among the victims murdered in the bow and arrow Kongsberg Attack on October 13 near Oslo, Norway was a member of the pagan community, Andréa Haugen (also known as Andréa Meyer, Andréa Nebel, and Nebelhexë). She was the author of The Ancient Fires of Midgard, which explored Northern Tradition spirituality and religion. She was probably most famous among the Pagan and Heathen communities specifically though for her impact in the music world as the creative force behind Hagalaz Runedance, which released six albums. While her last album under Hagalaz Runedance released in 2002, she would continue to work on musical projects afterwards rebranding herself as she explored new sounds and varying career interests. For many Northern Tradition followers at the turn of the millennium her music was something latched onto as not only fans of the sound, but as something that spoke to our religious pathway. My favorite…

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Coins for Hermes

I love seeing devotional things created in honor of the gods. Dver not only created devotinal coins for Hermes available for sae in their shop, but he’s also planning to give some away for free to anyone who would genuinely use it in their devotions, but might be unable to afford it. More details at Dver’s blog entry.

A Forest Door

Today is the 4th of the lunar month, and the date of a festival for Hermes that I’ve been keeping for many years, and so it’s the right time to announce a secret project I’ve recently completed.

Hermes has been particularly good to me this year. He has seen me through some precarious situations and kept luck flowing my way. When thinking on how I could express my gratitude (in addition to quite a bit of liquor that has soaked the ground in His name), I decided a couple months ago to finally embark on a public project I’ve wanted to do for awhile – to design and commission a coin in His honor. Obviously as god of merchants (and thieves), coins are particularly sacred to Hermes.

For the obverse, I adapted an image from a 6th century BCE krater, showing Hermes Psychopompos overseeing Hypnos and Thanatos on the battlefield…

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