May Day – Summerday’s Delight Punch Recipe

I love this time of year, and the reburgeoning of the land as the flowers bloom and the weather warms. Walpurgis is always a beloved celebration for me.

If you haven’t had luck finding woodruff or waldmeister syrup to make your own version of the Waldermeisterbowle Punch recipe, here is another much beloved punch I’ll make as well.

Summerday’s Delight


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Book Recommendation – Legend of the Bluebonnet

One of the most pleasant memories of my childhood was being read to, or reading books myself. My bibliophilia has followed me into my adult life. But parents of a polytheist persuasion have a hard time finding book resources for our children reflecting some of our own values.

On a lark I recently picked up the children’s book, Tomie DePaola’s The Legend of the Bluebonnet as a souvenir on a recent wildflower viewing trip in Texas.


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Sometimes I feel that the G&R crew is like Trump, trying to profit and gain their own power by being miserably prejudiced against others, and so arrogantly self assured that only they are right.

Remember they are proud of being ‘radicals’ but all too often those who proudly wear that name use it as an excuse for hate-mongering.

Galina Krasskova, reminds us of some of the things that have come out of Rhyd, and how it evokes atrocities from human history.


Take Him At His Word –

Connecting with the Divine and Spiritual Growth

Sometimes the drama llamas and misinformation I see on the internet regarding the Gods and relationships with them, just makes my head hurt. I thought it might be beneficial to just say a few things to many of the newer faces we have among us.

When it comes to connecting with any deity, there’s two easy things you can do to start that relationship off:


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