Our Gods Are Real

I have been a polytheist now for 20 years, and most of that time I have been within the Northern Tradition, and it never fails to amaze me how often I need to say this: our Gods are real. They are more than just characters trapped between the manuscripts of old tales. They are more than most give them credit for today. But They are and have always been alive, and present.


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A MidSummer Prayer

Trundholm Sun Chariot - National Museum of Denmark

Hail Sunna
Daughter of Mundilfari the time-turner,
Sister of light-gleaming Mani,
Wife of Glenr, and fair mother,
We hail you.

Day-Star, Light-Bringer,
Elf-Beam, Ever-glow,
All-bright, fair-wheel,
We greet you.

Shining grace bestow upon us,
Healing hands lay upon us,
Blessings of warmth, joy and plenty
We ask of you.

Hail to thee Sunna,
Dancing Fire of Sky and Air,
Lady of the Midnight Sun,
Golden, ever-Shining One.
We Hail!

Sun Offering Bowls - National Museum of Denmark