A Doctrine of Hate – Stephen Anderson, Stedfast Baptist Church and the New Independent Fundamental Baptist Movement

Hate in the guise of Stedfast Baptist Church moved into my hometown, and since last year the #NoHateInHurst community rallied to take a stand against it. After 8 months of protests, the cult was evicted. Now they have moved to Watagua, Texas. With it we have changed our name to #NoHateInTexas To help whatever community that may find themselves infested by them in the future, I thought to make my research concerning the history of Stedfast, how it connects to Stephen Anderson the founder of the New Independent Fundamental Baptist Movement publicly available. If you’re reading this because they moved into your community, we are so, so sorry.

I will attempt to update this article as new facts become available, this was last updated on September 6, 2022.

An Overview of the (New) Independent Fundamental Baptist Movement

Stedfast Baptist Church is part of the New Independent Fundamental Baptist Movement (NIFBM), founded by Stephen Anderson which claims it’s not a denomination, but rather a revival of the Independent Fundamental Baptist Movement (IFBM of the 1940s), which in itself was speaking to an attempt to reclaim the fundamentalism of the 1920s. [For the sake of clarity, the NIFBM is NOT affiliated with any mainstream Baptist denominations.]  NIFBM churches have a common adherence to the King James Version of the Bible (and for this reason share the moniker of a KJV Church, though it’s important to state not all KJV churches are also NIFBM churches).

Typically, the NIFBM services are characterized by one male leader (pastor) with supporting deacons or “brothers” that may help in the ministry. Women have no role in the hierarchy over the church as a whole. They usually are encouraged not to work in any capacity outside the home, are expected to homeschool, and are meant to be silent at church. They are viewed primarily through their ability to have and raise kids. The NIFBM services tend to be comprised of traditional hymns (so no rock or contemporary service music). NIFBM churches believe in hard preaching (fire and brimstone) you’re going to hell rhetoric. They believe in soul-winning (what others might call proselytizing, saving, witnessing, evangelizing), but they operate under the belief that not everyone can be saved and some people (especially LGBTQ+) are beyond any sort of redemption or salvation. Also, even if you were saved before, they say it doesn’t count unless you were saved by someone ordained within their tradition.

Some like Anderson and his crony, former Stedfast pastor Romero, refer to themselves as KJV1611 Baptists – i.e. that they preach the 1611 version of the Bible authorized by King James I of England. They also believe in the sanctity of the King James Bible to the point that they ignore the fact the translation in English has a lot of inaccuracies. Some because the translators sacrificed accuracy over poetics, and others due to politics (like things were changed because The Church of England was structured differently than the Catholic Church and thus held different beliefs). So religious politics was definitely a factor in the translation of the King James version of the Bible. Also the 47 men who worked on translating it into English were translating from Greek, Hebrew, Aramaic, and Latin sources. These KJV1611 Baptists who are in the NIFBM see no merit in studying those original non English sources, or their scholarship. They see no merit in seminary or theology degrees. I also find it ironic considering their anti-LGBTQ+ stance that King James I of England, the namesake of the Bible he sponsored, was very likely homosexual himself, if not bisexual.

So, before our current NIFBM, we had the 1940s revival of the IFBM which peaked in popularity in the 60s, with some pockets lingering into recent years. The IFBM was characterized by INDEPENDENT pastors who didn’t want to be beholden to a denomination so they more or less did their own thing, and created little mini-kingdoms (or churchdoms) where they were the anointed leader and no one could really hold them accountable. This led to an environment where the abuse of power happened repeatedly (if not by every leader, then a large number of them). An investigative series by the Fort Worth Star Telegram found over 400 allegations of sexual misconduct at nearly 200 of the IFB churches during their era. The biggest one (First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana) had over 20,000 people showing up for services, and 200 school buses picking up kids to bus them to Sunday school. Hyles who ran it all, and his son who was in charge of the youth program, both have multiple accusations against them of sexually abusing several girls who attended the Sunday School program. While not every pastor or church was guilty of such abhorrent crimes, some pastors who didn’t directly abuse those under them, often times hid abuse found at the church and helped re-home the pastors at other churches where they ended up spreading their abuse to an unsuspecting congregation (in a way that has drawn parallels to the Catholic Priest Sexual Abuse Scandal). Today, victims are currently trying to file a RICO case against one of the guilty churches since the statue of limitations for their sexual abuse has long since passed. This is mentioned, because the power structure of the NIFBM means that leadership can definitely take advantage of the situation. Church leaders have a lot of unchecked power. (And we do seem to have unchecked power being abused at Stedfast, more on that further below).

Stephen Anderson and the NEW IFB

in 2005 Stephen Anderson founds the Faithful Word Baptist Church in Tempe, Arizona. He becomes so influential his doctrine ends up becoming accepted by others following in his wake, and then he ends up spearheading the entire New Independent Fundamental Baptist Movement (with other of his cronies) in 2017 under his control. While the NIFBM is meant to be independently autonomous, there’s still a lot of inter connectedness between many of these congregations, as well as a lot of infighting and splintering. Since he established the church in 2005 he has built a vast network of churches and outreach in the US, and other countries. But he’s also been banned from entering over 30 countries too because of his rhetoric. In addition to his vehement gays should die stance, he is also a holocaust denier, and in 2009 prayed for the death of former President Barack Obama. The day after Anderson talked about wanting Obama dead, one of his congregation members was carrying an AR-15 assault rifle to an Obama appearance in Phoenix, Arizona. Anderson believes all LGBTQ+ persons are child molesters. He believes 9/11 never happened. His church created the anti-Semitic ‘documentary’ film Marching to Zion.

His website lists a church directory of affiliated or specifically allied churches (listed below) within his personal network (as of July 2022). Please note there are many other churches who are part of the NIFBM but are unaffiliated with him (including some that had been connected but splintered away).

  • Faithful Word Baptist Church (main) in Tempe, Arizona
  • Faithful Word Baptist Church (satellite) in Tucson, Arizona
  • Hold Fast Baptist Church in Fresno, California
  • First Works Baptist Church in Los Angeles, California
  • Verity Baptist Church in Sacramento, California
  • Strong Hold Baptist Church in Norcross, Georgia
  • Shield of Faith Baptist Church in Boise, Idaho
  • Stedfast Baptist Church (main) in Fort Worth area of Texas
  • Stedfast Baptist Church (satellite) in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  • Pure Words Baptist Church in Houston, Texas
  • Sure Foundation Baptist Church in Vancouver, Washington
  • Mountain Baptist Church in Fairmont, West Virginia
  • New Life Baptist Church in Little Mountain, Queensland Australia

In June 2022, Tyler Dinsmoor, a NIFB congregation member apparently from Sure Foundation Baptist Church in Vancouver, Washington was arrested on a felony warrant for civil rights malicious harassment with a hate crimes enhancement for making death threats against LGBTQ persons, seemingly targeting the Anacortes Pride Parade. According to a story posted June 17, 2022 by local paper the Whidbey News-Times, “Officers from seven law enforcement agencies, responders from two federal agencies, multiple armored vehicles, a negotiating team and a police helicopter took part in the arrest Friday morning of a North Whidbey man who had been posting online comments about killing gay people and seemed to be especially fixated on the June 18 Anacortes Pride Parade, according to police.” (To review charging documents for ‘Dinsmoore’, this is case #22-1-00098-15).

Stedfast Baptist Church History

  • Fort Worth, TX (MAIN, Sansom Park > Hurst > Watauga)
  • Jacksonville, FL (satellite)
  • Oklahoma City, OK (satellite)

Stedfast Baptist Church (which henceforth shall be described as SBC not to be confused with the Southern Baptist Convention) appears to form under the leadership of Donnie Romero in 2014, who was a former congregant of Steven Anderson. (I can’t find a really clear article on this, but it appears that Anderson gave his support to Romero and helped install him at the new church). SBC uses Anderson’s doctrine as their doctrine of beliefs. So SBC is very much connected with Anderson.

There have been a number of testimonials by our neighbors in one of our community Facebook groups of Stedfast’s bullying tactics. How they’ve gone after kids playing in their yard, told kids they’re going to hell cause they’re biracial or don’t live with their mother. How they shake their Bible at you when they go door to door and you ask them to leave. Local apartment managers have had to call the cops multiple times because of their harassment of residents. Some of the more public protestors received unsolicited DMs on social media platforms by followers of Stedfast telling them the protestor should commit suicide. To be clear we are not certain those were congregation members or people that followed the cult’s sermons online, but it certainly paints a picture for the type of hate they instill among those that listen and latch onto their abominable messaging.

They don’t even try to hide their hate. It’s right there on their website in their doctrine of beliefs, and in the video links they post proudly to their many sermons. (I’m making an intentional choice not to link directly to their website, it’s easy enough to find them).

Excerpt of Stedfast’s Doctrine of Beliefs

There is so much hate in what they speak. Basically if you don’t believe as they do they pretty much want you dead. Here’s but one example of the sort of hate on display in just one sermon.

Evening Sermon November 8, 2020 by Jonathan Shelley entitled “America Has a Whore’s Forehead”

  • 17:38 “She [VP Harris] should be put to death”
  • 27:40 Attacks Sarah McBride
  • 28:30 Attacks transvestites
  • 29:15 Attacks republicans
  • 30:12 Senator Sarah McBride should inspire all transfaggots to “get a bullet in their heads… to get AIDS and die.”
  • 31:10 Vice President “Kamala Harris should be dragged out into the streets and stoned to death”
  • 31:33 All celebrities and leaders should be dragged to the streets and stoned
  • 31:52 President Joe Biden should be put to death
  • 54:35 Attacks preachers – Joel Osteen, Kenneth Copeland, Joyce Meyer, Todd White

Keep in mind that’s just one sermon of theirs (and I couldn’t tolerate listening to the rest, and there was more). Some of their sermons are tame and seem like an ordinary church, and some are so full of hate it’s soul-sickeningly hard to listen. Their website hosts or links to nearly every sermon of theirs for years. Some are marked private though, and you have to wonder about the content of those when so much of their hate is so clearly on display.

Romero was the pastor at SBC back in 2016 where he gained infamy for his atrocious remarks in the aftermath of the Pulse Nightclub shooting that had him glorying in the death of 49 individuals, praising the actions of the mass murdering gunman, and had him saying he would pray for the death of the victims still in ICU fighting for their lives, which led to protests at SBC (the first one June 26, 2016) when they were still in the Sansom Park area of Fort Worth. Anderson also made atrocious statements celebrating the death of the victims of the Pulse shooting, and mourning the fact that the survivors were still alive. In one of the sermons Anderson has posted from his own church, he said that the world would be AIDS free by Christmas if we “executed the homos.”

Under Romero, Stedfast Baptist Church had its main branch in Fort Worth, Texas with two satellite churches: one in Jacksonville, Florida and another in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The satellite churches couldn’t become independent until SBC-FW ordained someone, which becomes a problem when in January 2019 there was a major scandal that rocked the church and Romero resigned under allegations of gambling, drinking, misappropriation of church funds, and hiring sex workers.

His wife, Lesyle Romero has since divorced him. She now calls Stedfast a cult, and posts under the moniker of Spell Breakers online, with information about abuse.

As Romero was leaving there was an alleged sexual molestation of a child covered up at Stedfast, (Romero was not the molester, but his successor Shelley wanted to sweep it under the rug, when the victim’s family wouldn’t stand for that Shelley attacked and victim blamed).

So with Romero’s resignation, there was no ordained minister at SBC-FW, or its satellites in SBC-JAX or SBC-OKC. After the abrupt resignation of Romero, Anderson steps into the void and brings in another man from his ‘network’ Jonathan Shelley of Houston’s Pure Words Baptist Church. Anderson proceeds to ordain Shelley and install him as the new minister of Stedfast, BUT this causes a huge brouhaha. The primary preacher in Jacksonville, Adam Fannin revolts at this and refuses to deal with Shelley’s leadership. Remember, Fannin was not a pastor fully ordained by SBC-FW, which is important because it means that the SBC-JAX church is beholden to whoever is placed in charge at SBC-FW. So in the aftermath of Romero’s sudden departure there’s a lot of trash talking, insults, financial impropriety finger pointing between Anderson, Shelley and Fannin in a power struggle for leadership. Fannin declares only he is the rightful leader of all three of the SBC churches. Anderson insinuates Romero’s ‘sins’ of whoring, drinking and gambling happened when he was in Jacksonville and Fannin was just as complicit. In the end there is a schism in SBC. Fannin and a good portion of his congregation leave to form Law of Liberty Baptist Church in Jacksonville, Florida. The remainder of SBC-JAX, as well as SBC-OKC and the main SBC-FW is fully now under the control of Shelley, who really is Anderson’s man. Around this time SBC-JAX gets a new street address, so one surmises this move was one aspect of the fall out of the schism in Jacksonville.

Even though Fannin was no longer a preacher at SBC-JAX, an old sermon from his time under the Stedfast umbrella surfaces in 2019 where he had said he wished for the death of comedian and actress Sarah Silverman because according to him she was a whore and a witch.

Within the same month (January 2019) that Shelley took the reins of the SBC network, he preached a sermon that says children should be stoned to death, and gamers killed. (Keep in mind according to Stedfast’s church doctrine, children that would strike and/or curse at a parent was a sin that warranted execution by the authorities). Later that year on the 3-year anniversary of the Pulse Nightclub massacre, several churches including SBC decide to attend the “Make America Straight Again” rally hosted by Revival Baptist Church of Orlando, Florida. In 2020 Stephen Anderson decides to hold it at his own church in Tempe, Arizona.

Sometime during the pandemic, the SBC-FW church moves from their location in Sansom Park to Hurst. I personally speculate that it probably had something to do with the departure of Romero, or their original lease ran out and the landlord wouldn’t let them renew (as there had been occasional protests at their Sansom Park location in Fort Worth).

In March 2020 SBC-JAX, ends up leaving the SBC umbrella entirely, and becomes Revival Baptist-Jacksonville, a satellite church under Patrick Boyle, pastor at Revival Baptist Church in Orlando (the man who hosted the Make American Straight Again rally on the 3 year anniversary of the Pulse club shooting). Boyle and Anderson seemed to have been former allies, but there’s apparently a huge falling out between them during the pandemic, and now they are enemies. Publicly (and at least initially) the SBC-JAX hand off seems like it was intentional from Anderson’s man Shelley at SBC to Patrick Boyle, but almost immediately Anderson and Boyle start fighting, so I suspect there’s more going on behind the scenes.

In June, 2021 Shelley at SBC-FW takes the accidental death of a man at a pride event as an opportunity to celebrate his death and reiterate his belief that all LGBTQ+ persons should be killed. That made the news, and is how many within the local community of Hurst first realized a cult had moved in.

“And, you know, it’s great when trucks accidentally go through those, you know, parades. I think only one person died. So hopefully we can hope for more in the future. You say, ‘Well, that’s mean.’ Yeah, but the Bible says that they’re worthy of death! You say, ‘Are you sad when fags die?’ No, I think it’s great! I hope they all die! I would love it if every fag would die right now. And you say, ‘Well, I don’t think that’s what you really mean.’ That’s exactly what I mean. I really mean it!”


Stedfast retains its affiliation with Anderson’s church in Tempe, Arizona, but SBC is now only comprised of their main church pastored by Shelley in the general Fort Worth area and their satellite church in the Oklahoma City area. However the OKC website seemed defunct for quite some time, I could not find any activity from them and their website was redirecting. On rare occasion there’d be a brief mention of them but usually months would pass with no news. Recently (January 16, 2022) they started posting videos again when Shelley ordained Tanner Furrh for SBC-OKC.

Shelley still travels to his old church Pure Words Baptist in Houston (and still ministers there and calls it “our church”). On September 25, 2021 Pure Words hosted their third annual bible book burning where the kids were making s’mores over the flames. The video posted proudly to social media and elsewhere online. I won’t link to the video, but here’s two screenshots from the video. I did smudge the faces of the minors to protect them, even though the church could care less.

We see some people, like Brother Dillon of SBC, also traveling and preaching to other churches in the network of NIFBM churches like Sure Foundation Baptist Church in Washington state. So there’s more interconnections with other churches too across the country. Another example of this comes October 6-10, 2021 when Stedfast hosted a multi-day event they called the Fire Breathing Baptist Fellowship, joined by: Pastor Roger Jimenez of Verity Baptist Church in Sacramento (California), Bruce Mejia of First Works Baptist Church El Monte (California), Aaron Thompson of Sure Foundation Baptist Church Vancouver (Washington), with David Berzins of Strong Hold Baptist Church Norcross (Georgia), and also where Jonathan Shelley of Stedfast spoke before his home congregation.

The Hurst landlord, under the nuisance clause stated the church violated the terms of its lease, which prohibits threats and violence in the leasing agreement, took Stedfast to the Tarrant County sub courthouse (Justice of the Peace, Precinct 3) located in Hurst, Texas to evict them. The jury came back on October 22, 2021 and said that yes, the landlord had cause to evict them. Stedfast appealed the decision, and the judge from the second court case in Fort Worth, Texas upheld the verdict issuing orders on February 22, 2022 that Stedfast had to vacate the premises, and pay $42,000 in attorney’s fees. They were moved out by March 4, 2022.

For a while, they were hopping around like cockroaches, not revealing their location to anyone as they held temporary services in various hotel meeting and conference rooms. Local activists and protestors identified one of those locations and reached out to the hotel management (Hampton Inn, Hurst), who informed us they were gone. That didn’t stop Stedfast in their drive to convert or share their hate.

The church did a soul-winning event in Austin, Texas on May 21, 2022, some of us speculate this may be a way to start trying to establish a base to eventually create a new satellite church in the state’s capitol.

The next day, May 22, 2022 they began moving into their new Fort Worth area location at 6900 Denton Highway, Suite 106 in Watauga, Texas (a suburb of Fort Worth). Stedfast’s new church home is within a shopping center, locals will recognize it as the shopping center with Tandy Leather (an innocent neighbor in all this).

On May 24, 2022 Stedfast leadership spoke at the Arlington City Council meeting in protest of the city’s first ever planned Pride celebration. (For context Arlington is in-between the cities of Dallas and Fort Worth in Texas, and it is home to the Dallas Cowboys NFL team, the Texas Rangers MLB team, Six Flags Over Texas, and a major e-sports arena, and the University of Texas at Arlington). Protests began at the Watauga, Texas location as of May 29, 2022. The Fort Worth Star Telegram reported on the new protests. Within days Brother Dillon Awes preached a shocking sermon (he is not pastor, to my knowledge he has NOT been ordained yet within the NIFBM network, but certainly appears to be on that track).

These people should be put to death. Every single homosexual in our country should be charged with a crime. The abomination of homosexuality that they have, they should be convicted in a lawful trial. They should be sentenced with death. They should be lined up against the wall and shot in the back of the head.

Brother Dillon Awes, Stedfast Baptist Church

This brought a firestorm of coverage from NBC News, Newsweek, and other major news outlets, including the Dallas ABC News affiliate WFAA. with the coverage there has been an influx of new persons wanting to join the fight against such hate. Prompting the Watauga Police Department to make the following statement:

During the Sunday morning protest on June 12, 2022 Stedfast member Ryan Urbanek physically assaulted one of the protestors, when he attacked her from behind. The police issued a citation at the time, and charges are being pursued to the fullest extent of the law. On Monday evening June 13, 2022 multiple members of No Hate in Texas, in addition to other concerned Watauga citizens addressed the city council so their words could be put on the record about their concerns over Stedfast. Members of the cult also spoke reading their misinterpretations from the Bible. Some city council members chose to silently protest, turning their backs on Stedfast’s speakers.

On June 24, 2022 the Dallas Voice reported that “Stedfast Baptist, led by hate preacher Jonathan Shelley, is at the center of a lawsuit over who controls the church and whether its funds have been misused.” The dispute in part dates back to when former Pastor Donnie Romero left the church in a cloud of controversy. So there’s two different boards saying they’re the real board, one arguing that the current pastor of Stedfast Jonathan Shelley, “has diverted funds, and used church funds to pay personal expenses, household expenses and other items unrelated to the church in an amount in excess of $180,000. Repeated attempts to obtain an accounting of church funds have always been met with delays, excuses, threats and in some cases pronouncements of excommunication from the church by Shelley. To this date, no adequate financial accounting has been made to the congregation or to the board of directors of Stedfast Baptist Church.” They additionally argue that Shelley filed “fraudulent documents with the Texas Secretary of State alleging to replace the current members and board of directors of Stedfast Baptist Church. This is in spite of the fact that he has never held a position with the church other than pastor and as agent for service of process with the church.”

Supposedly in fall of 2021 the word went out within some of the other churches in Anderson’s network of hate that Stedfast needed money and to send it to Pure Word Baptist in Houston, this is Shelley’s old church. So Shelley may have suspected something was coming, and so he could get access to money had it re-routed that way, as I believe he’s still listed as being on the board for Pure Word, and he definitely is still listed as the Pastor on the Pure Word website.

The Dallas Voice ran a story on June 29, 2022 that the former Hurst landlord, Fellowship of the Sword Inc., is suing Stedfast over damages to their property at 700 W. Bedford Euless Road, Suite A. The landlord claims they substantially damaged the premises while moving out, and violated the lease agreement for failing to repair the damage. “Fellowship of the Sword is asking the court to  order Stedfast Baptist to pay the cost of repairing the actual damages to the property and to pay all of the landlord company’s attorneys’ fees plus interest.”

The Fort Worth Star Telegram ran a story on June 30, 2022 with a headline of “North Texas Churches call Stedfast Baptist homophobic message unacceptable, ‘appalling’“, not mentioned was the Northside Church of the Nazarene located within sight of the cult has not only held a sermon speaking out against Stedfast, but they’ve also donated food and drink to the protestors.

July 3, 2022 a news story published by the Wild Hunt ran spotlighting the protest efforts, in both print and video. The Sunday morning protest was joined by Veterans for Equality. Their motto is “I swore an oath to fight enemies foreign and domestic.” The bubble machines, donations by our supporters, made their first appearance. I take total credit for that idea.

On July 13, 2022 the Dallas Voice posted a story that Westside Unitarian Universalist Faith Community in Fort Worth has sent out an email calling on the community to contact the property management company to request that they expel Stedfast Baptist Church from the property.

On August 12, 2022 the Fort Worth Star Telegram posted a story with continuing coverage of the protests, with interviews from Watauga residents standing against their hate. In late August, Jonathan Shelley hosted yet another book burning in Texas.

The landlord Cider Property Inc, at the Watauga location is taking Stedfast to court to evict them. Their case was scheduled for September 7, 2022 (see Case Number JP01-22-E00097092 or in the UNICOURT online portal). Stedfast is being represented by attorney R David Weaver of Arlington. However communication in the docket system on September 6th makes it look like a settlement was reached, and the non jury trial was cancelled.

The Reason Files & Todd Ferguson

Todd Ferguson worked at exposing the scandals and ugly truths that infest Stephen Anderson’s New Independent Fundamental Baptist Movement churches, including Stedfast Baptist church. He teamed up with Robert Tuttle and conducted interviews with former (and at the time) still current members within the NIFBM. Information was presented at Robert Tuttle’s pre-existing blog, and youtube channel called The Reason Files (and Reason Files 2 which I think was Todd’s). They are a biased source, as they have their own religious agenda, but to get a feel for the gossip usually being hidden from the public eye, they are a wealth of information on internal conflicts and schisms, and other shady dealings, including a child sexual molestation covered up at Stedfast.

In 2021, after receiving death threats from a member of Stedfast, Todd mysteriously disappeared and was found dead under suspicious circumstances in an alleyway in Columbus, Ohio. NIFB members posted YouTube videos celebrating Todd’s death before Todd’s family was even notified by the police that his body had been found. Robert posted an in memoriam video in Todd’s honor. Roger Jimenez (a ‘pastor’ at an allied NIFB church) during the Fire Breathing Baptist Conference at Stedfast made a threat that Seth Bookout (about 25 minutes in) may end up like Todd Ferguson if he’s not careful. The indirect implication in Jimenez’s words is that perhaps Todd’s suspicious death wasn’t quite so accidental after all, and they might be willing to do it again.

Global Reach

If you think this doesn’t impact you because it’s not in your community, then you are wrong. This hate breeds like fire online with some videos viewed millions of times. It could be your neighbor, your friend’s brother, your cousin, or even your coworker watching.

The hate isn’t just in Texas. The New Independent Fundamental Baptist Movement has known churches in not only the United States, but also in other countries too. I popped over to an online church directory known as Military Get Saved that specializes in Independent Baptist Churches, and is also targeted towards our military personnel. In March 2022, I searched with the term soulwinning (a keyword usually for a New Independent Fundamentalist Baptist Movement Church) and discovered 1,082 churches across the United States and her territories who self describe as such. I found another 74 across the globe: from Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Australia, the Caribbean and elsewhere in the Americas. Now keep in mind since the NIFBM is comprised of independent churches, not churches with any sort of hierarchical supervising structure you do have varying opinions and beliefs. So it’s not to say that each of those churches is equally as horrific and full of hate speech as any other, they do vary. But that’s a huge caution flag.

If you drill down at Stephen Anderson’s website it is full of foreign language materials to help them spread their message of hate in more than 110 different languages, including subtitle files to their hateful films across many languages too. The Anti-Defamation League states that despite the fact Anderson started his church in 2005, it’s really been in the last 5 years that these churches are exploding all over as they use online media to drive their message of hate, despite outlets de-platforming them for hate speech violations. They just go and create another account, and another account. Meanwhile making money off views of their hate.

Hate is a virus, and it will spread if you don’t take a stand against it.


Join us for peaceful protests. We start our protests 30 minutes before their church services. Stay out of the shopping center and its parking lot (both for parking, or protesting). Local cops have confirmed that our free speech area is the grass verge along the road outside the shopping center parking lot, since there’s no sidewalk. But be mindful not to damage landscaping, or shopping center signage. Please don’t park in any other parking lots with open businesses during protest times, or the church across the street as they need the parking for their congregation. We don’t want to inconvenience the innocent neighbors who had hate move in beside them. We encourage those who come out to use sunscreen, bring water, and you may want to bring a portable chair, or an umbrella for shade as needed.

Aren’t able to come to a protest, but you want to help?

You can help the cause by reaching out to the property management company and landlord to express your concerns. Keep in mind, we don’t know if either the owner, or the management company knew of the hateful and death-mongering background of who they were leasing to.

The property is managed by:

  • Crest Commercial Real Estate
  • 9330 LBJ Freeway, Suite 1080
  • Dallas TX 75243
  • 214-696-6677
  • crestcommercial.com

Their property owner:

  • Cider Property, Inc
  • 6607 LBJ Freeway
  • Dallas, TX 75240

Also feel free to express your concerns to Watauga’s City Council, through the city’s online website. Or to sign up to speak during public comments at an upcoming city council meeting. Even though their hands are currently constitutionally tied, every statement of concern becomes a public record and helps to continue to raise awareness on the issue within the community.

Here’s an informational flyer that can be downloaded and distributed at need, designed to be printed on 8.5″ x 11″ standard sized paper.

Shareable Social Media Assets

These were designed for Facebook and Instagram, some to spread awareness about their hate or to explain why we protest them, and others to inform the public about ways they can join the fight against them. The images may display oddly at other social media services. Please feel free to download and share, no credit necessary.