Department of Defense Adds Heathen /Asatru Belief Code & Many others

This is great news for our men and women in the US military who fall under non-mainstream religious practices found under the pagan or polytheist umbrella, such as:

  1. AH – Heathen
  2. AN – Native American
  3. AY – Church of the Spiral Tree
  4. DA – Troth
  5. DK – Dianic Wicca
  6. DP – Sacred Well Congregation
  7. DU – Druid
  8. FD – Gardnerian Wicca
  9. FQ – Shaman
  10. FV – Seax Wicca
  11. FY – Asatru
  12. G3 – Pagan
  13. YW – Wicca
  14. YY – Magic and Spiritualist.

You can view a complete pdf copy of the official memo at the Open Halls website. 


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