Reblog- Our Gods are Real

I’ve said this before, but some things need repeating.

My Gods are real. They are real on every level. Saying They are not, is highly offensive to me.

Today, I’m saying it because of what John Halstead (a writer at interfaith website Patheos) wrote on Facebook:


It is tantamount to denying the existence of the Sun, its influence on the planets, on life on earth. Choosing to willfully reject its presence even after your idiotic actions have led to a sunburn.

So John, stop trying to tell us how we ought to believe. The universe doesn’t revolve around you.

There is beauty in our multiplicity of traditions, but trying to make us the same is like mixing all the vibrant hues (turquoise, magenta, golden sunrise), and coming out with a bland grey black mixture.

Religion is prismatic, stop trying to put it into your monochromatic grayscale.

Oh John –


2 thoughts on “Reblog- Our Gods are Real

  1. thetinfoilhatsociety



    One can only hope and pray that somehow, some way, the Gods slap him upside the head in a real, convincing way, that he CANNOT deny. I know it happened to me. As a fairly staunch agnostic. But no more. Not after that experience.

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  2. c

    What does that even MEAN? This is precisely the peril of denying that words matter; you’re left with a vomited assemblage of word chunks that don’t mean anything!

    There’s no “level” on which my gods are not “real”.



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