Joyful Yule

For those of you who celebrate it, have a Joyful Yuletide!

imageCarl Larsson’s Midwinter Blot

  • May Saga bring to you the stories of your ancestors.
  • May Weyland reward your industriousness.
  • May Frigga grant you insights into how to strengthen bonds.
  • May Bragi bring music to lighten your feet and heart.
  • May Idunna bestow vitality.
  • May Odin grant not the gifts you want, but the blessings you need.
  • May Loki give you the dancing kiss of flames in your hearth to chase away the winter’s chill.
  • May the lightbringers guide you: May Mani’s moon-glow and Sinthgunt’s star-twinkle lead you in the greatest darkness to the path where blessings may be found in overabundance.
  • May you find beauty in Nott’s raiment, as you enjoy the good company of family, friends and neighbors.
  • May Njord grant you peace as you navigate the seas of life, especially during times and places of transition.

imageI could be writing these forever, but this year, these seem to be the Deities most wanting to be invoked.


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