The Gods are speaking to us, but are we paying attention?

Yes, the Gods do communicate with us frequently, the problem is we are usually too caught up with the various elements of our lives to notice. We need to learn, to stop and meditate. We need to clear our minds so we are more open to them and the words of wisdom they have to impart.

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There are signs all around us on a regular basis. Those who are open to them, can even help to be messengers for others. One of my coworkers, unbeknownst to me, was returning from what would probably be the last time she would see her brother alive who was afflicted with cancer. On the airplane home, she prayed, prayed that she would get a sign in the way of flowers, be it actual flowers, or just an image of them to indicate that once her brother passed he would be okay.

One day when running errands during my lunch break, I got an overwhelming urge to just buy flowers . . . and when I got to work I had the urge to sneak them into her office. I gifted them anonymously, and it was days later when the meaning of those flowers was revealed to me. Only five years later did she discover I had any part to play in it, because I didn’t do it for recognition.

So not only do they talk to us, but sometimes they use us to talk to others.


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