An Open Letter to John Halstead

There is power in words, so many traditions speak of the efficacy of speech, how when things once spoken became so, those words exhibited a magicoreligious quality. [For the curious and the Hellenics out there, I’d recommend reading a very fascinating academic text entitled Masters of Truth in Archaic Greece by Marcel Detienne that talks in part to this]. But when you have people who steadfastly adhere to their ignorance to use words in ways they were never meant to be used, you don’t add to the discourse of a community, you only add to the confusion, and water down what those words truly mean.

Within the religious community at the moment, there’s a lot of various individuals, and sometimes even groups actively redefining the terms in ways that are simply  inaccurate.

I could call a mountain a star fish, but that doesn’t mean that it is, and the continuance of those who willfully and erroneously choose to do so, only demonstrates ignorance and a lack of critical reasoning of the very words they are trying to use in the conversation. Do we need to buy these people a dictionary or two?

I think Ossia Sylvia states it best here, in her letter to one of the current, very public roots of this problem.

Source: An Open Letter to John Halstead


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