On racism, hate, and the folly of disrespecting the Goddess Hel

Some things need to be shared, emphatically.

Sarenth’s blog from about a year ago is suddenly exploding with the comments from some narrow-minded racist idiot, who is leaving f-bombs, poor grammar, atrocious spelling, and far more seriously death & rape threats. Part and parcel of the death threat is the person’s written desire to create killing squads to put to entire ethnic groups to death. [Sarenth, you definitely need to report it to WordPress, and see if there are laws where you live that make this an offense for which criminal charges can be filed. Also, if you can find out his ISP I do know that my previous employer was able to contact the company and in many cases their death threat behavior was violation of the ISP’s Terms of Service, and it effectively cut off their internet access as well to EVERYTHING.] Oh, and let us not forget that he is using one of our Deities’ names as an insult. Disrespecting the Goddess Hel is NEVER a good idea. I’m not repeating it here, because well, I have a healthy respect for the divine, and I also strongly believe that trolls don’t deserve their 15 minutes of infamy. But, I felt prompted to educate the poor small-minded one on why this was NOT a good idea.

Oh dear. It is never a wise thing to offend one of our Deities.

As the Havamal states, “cattle die and kinsmen die” because the most fundamental truth of life is that sooner or later we die.

Hela, is more than just a name, for Her name is also the name of the realm of the dead. She is the living, breathing personification of that realm. To speak of Hel is to speak of both the Goddess, Her realm, and all those who dwell there. It is great hubris and folly to treat Her with any disrespect because sooner or later we and/or our kin will traverse those halls. Even Odin traversed those halls as he went after Baldr as seen in Baldr’s Draumar. In gylfaginning we see the God Hermod is the one journeying to Hel. After a battle in 915 in Res Gestae Sax where the Saxons were triumphant over the Franks they talk about the realm of the dead and thus, where the fallen warriors have gone: “where is there such an enormous Hel which has room for so many dead?”

Her name literally is not only the realm of the dead, but etymologically is the very earth where the dead are buried and reside from the great bairns and graveyards.

When faced with conversion the Frisian King Radbod (680-719 CE), asked a question of the Christian missionaries: “Where are my dead ancestors at present?” Wolfram the Christian missionary answered, “In Hell, with all other unbelievers.” Upon hearing this, Radbod changed his mind about converting and replied, “Then I would rather live there with my honourable ancestors than go to heaven with a parcel of beggars .” Here we have evidence of a real, historical person who grew up honoring the Old Gods, who made the decision not to convert because he’d rather be in Hel with his ancestors.

Apparently, by disrespecting Hel you would rather not be with your ancestors there in the afterlife. That’s ok, trust me when I say Hel is a far better place without you.

I’m sorry if your simple brain can’t grasp these concepts, or the fact that your words and deeds define you as the immature one. You really should take the time to learn more before opening your mouth.

So go run along home child, the adults are talking.

Of course as is so often the case, it is afterward I post the above reply that I think of even more things I could have said, such as how when during the Icelandic althing another Goddess, Freya, was insulted. Even with the nation under Christian conversion they still realized that was bad behavior and they weren’t going to let that stand unremarked. The end result was that the offender was outlawed by his Pagan and Christian peers. it’s like that t-shirt, “Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons, for you are crunchy and good with ketchup.”

Meddle not in the affairs of dragons, for you are crunchy and taste good with ketchup.

So while the original blog post is quite older, in solidarity, I’m reblogging a link to Sarenth’s post because I whole-heartedly agree. We cannot afford to be silent when those whose agenda is NOT about the Gods, but about hate and their ill-conceived notions of racial identity to go unremarked. Evil triumphs, when good men and women do nothing.

You can read Sarenth’s post directly here, or I’ve quoted it below:  The Northern Gods Are Not White

Tolkien's Anti-Nazi Views

In the Northern Tradition these are the races that exist: the Giants, the Gods, the Dwarves, the Disir, the Alfar, other vaettir of land and sea, and the human race. That’s it.

Do you know that if you compared the DNA of every man, woman, and child on this earth we are 99.9+% similar to any other person?



4 thoughts on “On racism, hate, and the folly of disrespecting the Goddess Hel

  1. Heather Awen

    Awesome support. I have a feeling that these people are very very frightened that the gods they pretend to worship our real and have left them for better quality people . White supremacist want to own the deities which shows you how disrespectful they are and that they actually think they are more powerful than the gods themselves . Threats like rape are sociopathic and the more people who come out and post things like with that idiot wrote the more we can chase them down and have them be put in the hands of the authorities where they cannot hurt people anymore . Stopping the fascist threat evidently will be pretty easy because the things that people posted were so incredibly stupid that intelligence is definitely not a strong point of those who hate . Obviously the gods don’t even like them so what chance do they possibly have? They are the dinosaurs of Heathenry and they feel very threatened because many of us have real relationships with the gods and goddesses that are about today and give Heathenry value as a living tradition when they would rather pretend that the past was a golden era and the past that they celebrate probably is if you are sociopath . Of course if they ever were in that kind of passed they would be dead at the bottom of the ocean because I doubt any of them can sail properly or they would be slaves most likely . Luckily the gods are leaving them in the past where they belong completely ineffectual as a whole new Heathenry culture is born out of the best and most meaningful part directly connected to the problems of people today in this world because this world is where we do the work of the gods and the gods help us . I’m very grateful that those responses were not censored or taken down because they show the ignorance and the absolute lack of intelligence of these people while at the same time showing how they have no connection to the gods . Heathens like that are so filled with jealousy which is the basis of their insecurity that causes them to be white supremacist and they are jealous and insecure because they are going with what someone wrote a long time ago who wasn’t even in the religion while other people are actually communicating with the gods today and it’s obvious to see by the people who are having communication with the gods who is doing the work that the gods like the most Trying to own a religion is a sign of how incredibly insecure and empty these people feel because they have no ability to share because their entire worldview is about hoarding and we know what Odin says about that .

    The Pagan prison ministry has a northern tradition book just for pagan in prison and this kind of ministry is desperately needed because this is where the white supremacist do the recruiting and considering that 8 to 12% of people in prison are pagan and that the United States has more people in prison than any nation in the world, people who want to learn about paganism can only learn about it from neo-Nazis so hopefully doing pagan prison ministry will counteract the very active recruiting of heathens who hate. This is somewhere where we can try an ounce of prevention because if we are not there it mixes so much easier for the white supremacist heathens if they’re the only people offering a different religious path and if they’re the ones were determining for a large population of people in the world what Heathenry means . Prison is the breeding ground of these types of heathens and so actively providing alternatives can change peoples lives in prison and also change the pagan community especially the heathen community when these people are released .

    An ounce of prevention…..


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